Requirements for Guests

Sahara manages guests of various platforms (for example Ubuntu, Fedora, RHEL, and CentOS) with various versions of the Hadoop ecosystem projects installed. There are common requirements for all guests, and additional requirements based on the plugin that is used for cluster deployment.

Common Requirements

  • The operating system must be Linux
  • cloud-init must be installed
  • ssh-server must be installed
    • if a firewall is active it must allow connections on port 22 to enable ssh

Vanilla Plugin Requirements

If the Vanilla Plugin is used for cluster deployment the guest is required to have

  • ssh-client installed
  • Java (version >= 6)
  • Apache Hadoop installed
  • ‘hadoop’ user created

See Swift Integration for information on using Swift with your sahara cluster (for EDP support Swift integration is currently required).

To support EDP, the following components must also be installed on the guest:

  • Oozie version 4 or higher
  • mysql
  • hive

See Building Images for Vanilla Plugin for instructions on building images for this plugin.

Hortonworks Plugin Requirements

This plugin does not have any additional requirements. Currently, only the CentOS Linux and Ubuntu distributions are supported but other distributions will be supported in the future. To speed up provisioning, the HDP packages can be pre-installed on the image used. The packages’ versions depend on the HDP version being used.

Cloudera Plugin Requirements

Cloudera Plugin does not have any additional requirements, just build a CDH image to deploy the cluster.

See Building Images for Cloudera Plugin for instructions on building images for this plugin.