Log Guidelines

Levels Guidelines

During the Kilo release cycle the sahara community defined the following log levels:

  • Debug: Shows everything and is likely not suitable for normal production operation due to the sheer size of logs generated (e.g. scripts executions, process execution, etc.).
  • Info: Usually indicates successful service start/stop, versions and such non-error related data. This should include largely positive units of work that are accomplished (e.g. service setup and configuration, cluster start, job execution information).
  • Warning: Indicates that there might be a systemic issue; potential predictive failure notice (e.g. job execution failed).
  • Error: An error has occurred and the administrator should research the error information (e.g. cluster failed to start, plugin violations of operation).
  • Critical: An error has occurred and the system might be unstable, anything that eliminates part of sahara’s intended functionalities; immediately get administrator assistance (e.g. failed to access keystone/database, failed to load plugin).

Formatting Guidelines

Sahara uses string formatting defined in PEP 3101 for logs.

LOG.warning(_LW("Incorrect path: {path}").format(path=path))

Translation Guidelines

All log levels except Debug require translation. None of the separate CLI tools packaged with sahara contain log translations.

  • Debug: no translation
  • Info: _LI
  • Warning: _LW
  • Error: _LE
  • Critical: _LC