Project hosting

Launchpad hosts the Sahara project. The Sahara project homepage on Launchpad is

Launchpad credentials

Creating a login on Launchpad is important even if you don’t use the Launchpad site itself, since Launchpad credentials are used for logging in on several OpenStack-related sites. These sites include:

Mailing list

The mailing list email is; use the subject prefix [sahara] to address the team. To participate in the mailing list subscribe to the list at

Bug tracking

Report Sahara bugs at

Feature requests (Blueprints)

Sahara uses specs to track feature requests. Blueprints are at They provide a high-level summary of proposed changes and track associated commits. Sahara also uses specs for in-depth descriptions and discussions of blueprints. Specs follow a defined format and are submitted as change requests to the openstack/sahara-specs repository. Every blueprint should have an associated spec that is agreed on and merged to the sahara-specs repository before it is approved, unless the whole team agrees that the implementation path for the feature described in the blueprint is completely understood.

Technical support

Sahara uses Ask OpenStack to track Sahara technical support questions. Questions related to Sahara should be tagged with ‘sahara’.