Development Guidelines

Coding Guidelines

For all the code in Savanna we have a rule - it should pass PEP 8.

To check your code against PEP 8 run:

$ tox -e pep8


For more details on coding guidelines see file HACKING.rst in the root of Savanna repo.

Testing Guidelines

Savanna has a suite of tests that are run on all submitted code, and it is recommended that developers execute the tests themselves to catch regressions early. Developers are also expected to keep the test suite up-to-date with any submitted code changes.

Unit tests are located at savanna/tests.

Savanna’s suite of unit tests can be executed in an isolated environment with Tox. To execute the unit tests run the following from the root of Savanna repo:

$ tox -e py27

Documentation Guidelines

All Savanna docs are written using Sphinx / RST and located in the main repo in doc directory. You can add/edit pages here to update site.

The documentation in docstrings should follow the PEP 257 conventions (as mentioned in the PEP 8 guidelines).

More specifically:

  1. Triple quotes should be used for all docstrings.
  2. If the docstring is simple and fits on one line, then just use one line.
  3. For docstrings that take multiple lines, there should be a newline after the opening quotes, and before the closing quotes.
  4. Sphinx is used to build documentation, so use the restructured text markup to designate parameters, return values, etc. Documentation on the sphinx specific markup can be found here:

Run the following command to build docs locally.

$ tox -e docs

After it you can access generated docs in doc/build/ directory, for example, main page - doc/build/html/index.html.

To make docs generation process faster you can use:

$ SPHINX_DEBUG=1 tox -e docs

or to avoid savanna reinstallation to virtual env each time you want to rebuild docs you can use the following command (it could be executed only after running tox -e docs first time):

$ SPHINX_DEBUG=1 .tox/docs/bin/python build_sphinx


For more details on documentation guidelines see file HACKING.rst in the root of Savanna repo.

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